Poultry cutting

a complete range

Sonevol offers a complete range of poultry cuts.

Whether you are a food manufacturer, a wholesaler, a butcher or a chef; we certainly have the product that suits you.

We select for you from our French and European suppliers, all parts of poultry meat and game, calibrated or not, raw or cooked, fresh or frozen.

Sonevol can also offer, on request, products from Organic Farming

Duck & Goose

Foie gras, magret and filet, leg, inner filet, prime wing meat, gizzards, livers and other giblets, rendered and filtered fat …

chicken & turkey

Whole chicken and turkey, filet & inner filet, leg, feet, wings, other cuttings, deboned meat, giblets, nuggets and other processed products ...


rabbit & game

whole rabbit, rabbit meat, boar, deer, roe, quail, pheasant, pigeons ...

Each year, we also provide:
6000 tonnes improved poultry meat products.

A specific request?


Our team will advise you and assist you in the development of customized products.
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